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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Manchester, NH

Breakthrough Advancements
That Improve Your Experience

Part of providing our patients the best dental care experience is making sure we have technology that actually makes a difference. With detailed intraoral cameras, comprehensive X-rays and cone beam scans, and modern advancements like digital impression systems and soft tissue lasers, we improve your comfort, maintain efficiency, and contribute to your whole-body health just as much as your oral health. We can’t wait to show you what modern-day dentistry is meant to look like!

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing intraoral images

Whether you wish you could see exactly what we see during your checkup or you simply want to play a more active role in your routine exam, having an intraoral camera in-house makes it possible. This small, handheld, digital wand is equipped with a tiny camera, making it easy to navigate inside your mouth. With it, we can capture high-resolution images, display them on a nearby monitor, and describe the current state of your oral health in greater detail.

Digital X-Rays

Patient looking at digital x-rays on tablet computer

Thanks to digital advancements in X-ray technology, there’s no need to use harmful chemicals or developing rooms just to capture a detailed image of your underlying oral structures. Instead, we can produce highly detailed X-rays in a matter of minutes and reduce radiation exposure by over 85 percent compared to traditional methods. With that said, we’ll always practice proper X-ray protocols beforehand to ensure your safety, especially if you are pregnant or a younger patient.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

Woman receiving 3 D C T cone beam x-ray scan

In some cases, X-rays are not enough to confirm certain aspects of your oral health and your unique underlying structures. For example, if you’d like to place dental implants, determining the location of your nerves, blood vessels, and the current condition of your bone tissue plays a major role in the planning process. We can also determine the source of chronic pain caused by issues with the jaw joints, ensuring the most accurate treatment plan and better outcomes.

Digital Impression System

Digital impression system

Whether you need a personalized set of clear aligners from Invisalign or a custom-made dental crown to cover a damaged tooth, our in-office digital impression system makes the entire process far more comfortable and accurate. Instead of relying on gray impression material for patients to bite into, we capture hundreds of photos using a handheld scanner, producing a digital impression of your teeth in a matter of minutes! The result? Better outcomes for your dental care.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving soft tissue laser dentistry

Certain treatments can be difficult for patients to complete, particularly those that involve modifying damaged gum tissue. Rather than relying on metal dental instruments to get the job done, we utilize a soft tissue laser. This device ensures greater precision when cutting damaged or dead gum tissue, reduces healing times following treatment, and allows us to maintain far more healthy gum tissue along the way. In many cases, patients do not even need local anesthetic when undergoing treatment with a dental laser!

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