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snoring treatmentAn estimated 80 million Americans snore, much to the chagrin of their sleeping partners. Snoring, however, is more than just a minor nuisance. Aside from causing rifts in relationships (25% of all marriages are negatively affected by snoring), snoring can indicate depleted oxygen flow to the brain, which can result in daytime drowsiness, memory loss, and even stroke. Dr. Golparvar can prescribe a custom appliance that opens airways, prevents snoring, and allows all members of the household to sleep soundly.

Snoring results when the tongue or soft tissues block the throat during sleep. The noisy vibrations result when air attempts to force its way through narrow passageways. The Silent Nite snoreguard works by repositioning the tongue and holding the jaw forward. Dr. Golparvar will take impressions of your teeth and send the specifications to a laboratory where your custom snoreguard is manufactured. Most patients have little trouble adjusting to wearing the snoreguard at night.

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